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Searching for Neverland, Small World, and a Magic Carpet Ride

Sometimes I wonder how our kids’ imaginations and lives would turn out without the Disney influence. I see it in so much of their pretend play: princesses and pirates, magic carpets and dancing elephants, pixie dust and mermaids. Would my little girl be as obsessed with princesses? Would my boy be as obsessed with fighting imaginary bad guys? Probably, but their imaginations might dictate more freely how their play time runs its course if they didn’t have preconceived ideas of how it SHOULD happen.

On the other hand, we are avid Disney World goers. The delight and amazement that I see on my little ones’ faces when they see a character, or get on Splash Mountain, or watch a parade is more fun to watch than the event at hand. They feel the magic, the wonder that Walt Disney dreamed for every child to experience in his parks.

So obviously a balance is needed. As parents, it is our job to find where that balance should lie in our own families. I don’t judge the families that don’t watch any movies/tv; they have found the balance they require in their family. Families that watch a lot of movies/tv together; well, that is what works for them. I do find myself limiting my kids’ screen time lately. I just enjoy hearing their “play” more than the tv.

What about you? What do you feel influences your child(ren)’s imaginary play? Do you encourage a lot of imagination in your home, and if so, how?


About Christina

I am a stay-at-home mama to a handsome, energetic boy and a sweet, girly-girl. I am wife to an incredible musician. Our lives revolve around our family, good food, great education and of course, wonderful music! I love to cook and create for my family, myself, and my home. This is my creative outlet for words, pictures and ideas.

I love to hear from you!!

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