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Annoying, Isn’t It?

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I really can’t stand to stumble across a blog that has excellent content and then find out that the author hasn’t posted anything in three years. I also dislike finding a blogger that has excellent content, following that blog, and finding that the posts slowly but surely drop off in frequency. Most annoying of all, however, is starting your own blog; posting half a dozen times…. and then not touching it in over two years.

Am I back?
I don’t know.

Do I want to be back?

Is it important to me to write, publish, be followed, make a difference?

With that in mind, here are the highlights in our family life right now:

1. We moved… to another state

Music Man accepted a job doing what he loves. He has been a traveling Dueling Piano player for some time now, and we are so excited that Myrtle Beach, SC had a need for his talents on a full-time basis. Living at the beach, whew, what a rough life!

2. We are entering our third year of homeschooling!

It really doesn’t seem possible that we are this far in the education process with L&C. We are still using Classical Conversations as our main curriculum, and I am a third year tutor with them this year. Lane will have me tutoring his class when we meet on Thursdays. Cora is a little apprehensive to have a tutor that isn’t Mom, but I am confident this will help her grow.

3. Did I mention that we live at the beach?

Yes, I’m a little excited about that part.

4. Two major weddings in Music Man’s family!

I have a new sister-in-law (in-law)! Music Man’s brother got hitched to someone I’m quickly becoming attached to. Their wedding was beautifully planned, and the couple’s personalities were found everywhere in little touches throughout the ceremony and reception.

Music Man’s cousin also wed his sweetheart, and their wedding was so uniquely them. The hard work and love that went into all the details paid off in a beautiful wedding and reception.

5. My siblings are all scattered to the four winds.

Gone are the days where I live in the same state as any, let alone all, of my siblings. Being the oldest, this is a little strange for me. The oldest younger brother is married, expecting a baby, and just moved back to Florida from the D.C. area. The youngest brother is still living it up at college in the Big Apple, and I am still intensely jealous. My baby sister is recently graduated from high school and living in Michigan. I foresee a lot of family vacations.

That pretty much sums up our recent adventures. May it be sooner than two years before you hear from me again!


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I am a stay-at-home mama to a handsome, energetic boy and a sweet, girly-girl. I am wife to an incredible musician. Our lives revolve around our family, good food, great education and of course, wonderful music! I love to cook and create for my family, myself, and my home. This is my creative outlet for words, pictures and ideas.

I love to hear from you!!

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