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Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

Well, my friends, we have officially been full time RV’ers for a week today. Last Thursday, after a full morning of Classical Conversations community, we completed the moving in essentials and spent our first night in the RV. Guess what? WE LOVE IT! Spaces are a bit tighter, true, but we’re always practically on top of each other anyway. Cooking has been a serious learning curve interesting, but we’ve had delicious and simple meals since we moved in.

Our week was full of a lot of firsts, mostly good. First RV showers (there is a pause button on the shower head for a reason… the hot water tank runs out very quickly), first laundry done at the laundry house (I am a little perturbed about not doing laundry more conveniently), first time lighting a gas oven that probably could fit in a dollhouse. We’ve been outdoors quite a bit this week as well. Lane and Cora have really enjoyed having room to ride their bikes freely, as well as visiting the docks every morning to feed the fish and turtles bread. We got the fishing poles set up, and have tried our hand at fishing the Waterway. Nothing has bitten yet, but we’re determined to catch something! 


We rented kayaks Tuesday afternoon with some friends and had a lovely time enjoying the beautiful afternoon exploring the Waterway. 


The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.

The campground pool has seen us a few times; the kids think it’s really neat that they get to ride in the back of the truck when we go to the pool. Music Man gave Lane his first ever pocket knife, which has been in near constant use ever since.

Along with all of the fun discoveries and adventures, we’ve had a few learning experiences as well. Such as, don’t leave your awning up in a storm. Saturday evening found us with a heavy storm rolling in just as we were arriving back to the campsite. As we rushed to bring items inside from the bed of my husband’s truck, a thought popped into my head. I had noticed that other campers kept their awning tilted a little lower on one side, in an OCD person’s nightmare arrangement. It clicked that this must be to help rainwater drain, and I mentioned it to Music Man. He glanced at the awning, filling rapidly with rainwater, and agreed that it should be tilted. As he began to drop one side, I ran to help and narrowly avoided being speared by the aluminum roller pole that suddenly snapped in half and swung inward toward the RV (and my head).

The pole that tried to kill me

The wonderful gentleman that came to remove our awning for us on Monday, free of cost, told Music Man that the supports in place for such a long awning were not rated to support so much weight. We were looking at a $1600 replacement job to put up a bit shorter awning. The price was a bit staggering, and we prayed together that God would provide a less expensive way to replace the awning. After a call to insurance, we were so thankful to find out that the awning was covered under storm damage and would be replaced after paying a deductible a fourth of the cost of the initial quote.

All in all, this has been an incredible first week as a full time RV living and schooling family. We are looking forward to many more firsts, some amazing adventures, and great campfires. Stick around for posts with pictures of the RV, snippets of our days, and the craziness of our family!


Home schooling in the RV! It CAN be done!


This was a great way to continue the conversation about mirror images from Fine Arts last week.


Tickled pink about their first night in the loft.


As Lane said tonight, “Living the dream!”



Short and Sweet

I am too tired from this week of transition to actually put together a whole post right now, but… First night sleeping in the RV. The little people are snoozing away in the loft, and I’ve just climbed into my bed. Pictures and details are coming, I promise. Good night, campground. Good night, moon. Good night, world. 


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