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Friday Food Fest: Nutella Crepes

I admit. I love food. I love sweet food, salty food, starchy food, healthy food. There aren’t many foods I’ve met that I don’t like. So when I noticed that many of my favorite bloggers do a “food post” once a week, I was intrigued with the idea. Friday mornings are pretty easy going at my house, since Music Man is usually  sleeping in from working the night before, making it a good day for a weekly Food Fest post!

When I saw these Nutella Crepes over at Tidy Mom, I thought I had gone to heaven. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I ADORE, CRAVE, PRACTICALLY INHALE Nutella. I’ve never tried to make crepes before, but this recipe made it sound so easy! So I decided to give it a try for my first Friday Food Fest post. I grabbed my camera and my apron and went to work. Here is how it happened…


Gather the ingredients


I followed the recipe from TidyMom, using 100% Whole Wheat flour, Sugar in the Raw, and Sea Salt. (My OCD self is really annoyed that the butter is upside down in the picture!)

Blend all ingredients (except flour and Nutella)


My kids thought this part was great fun, and helped me measure and dump. I love my little kitchen elves!

Blend until frothy


L&C wanted to pop the “bubbles”…

Blend in the flour, until smooth

Smoothly blended with all ingredients (except Nutella)


Pop the blender into the refrigerator for an hour, then proceed with cooking up the crepes. I had to switch to cell phone pictures for this part, because my battery died in my camera. I ended up using about 2/3 of the batter for today, and put the rest in a container in the refrigerator for another morning.

Melt some butter in a small, non-stick pan

Pour 2 tbsp (I just eyeballed it) into the pan and swirl batter around to spread around the bottom of the pan.

This was my first try, and not very smooth… I got better though!

After about a minute, flip the crepe and cook for about 15 seconds.

I took TidyMom’s advice and heated my oven to 250°F with a baking sheet on the top rack and kept the crepes in there while finishing up the batch.

One of the last ones I did.. much smoother!


Once I was through cooking the crepes, the little bitties helped me spread on the Nutella. There was some licking of fingers after this part; they definitely share my affinity for Nutella.

Okay, not perfect, but I'm okay with that!!

My kitchen elves, spreading the Nutella

Roll 'em up!



The final test was passed: my little bitties (and I) loved them. After L&C finished the first one, they asked for another. Instead of more Nutella, I spread peanut butter and honey on the crepes before rolling up. I’m saving the rest of the leftover crepes to try TidyMom’s idea of yogurt and fruit centers tomorrow morning. The way I made them was (mostly) clean eating, with the exception of the Nutella. I only ate one, because Nutella first thing in the morning is really not a good idea. If you make these, let me know how they turn out and how you like them!


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