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Small World… Gets Smaller?

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Small World… Gets Smaller?

Our family isn’t exactly what one would call “traditional”. My husband works nights as an entertainer, we homeschool our two children, and we moved our family almost 500 miles from home last year in order for Music Man to pursue his career. This bent toward unconventional life choices broadened to include a predilection for a more natural/holistic approach to health and wellness (lovingly called “crunchy” in our home). Knowing all of this, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to my husband one evening, as he was watching television and I was purusing Pinterest we were watching television together, when I piped up with, “Hey. It would be absolutely crazy for us to live in an RV, right?” 

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I wasn’t proposing that we leave our beautiful two-story home on a whim. We both had been fascinated by the Tiny House movement, and toyed with the what-ifs. He absentmindedly murmured that yes, it was crazy and continued watching HIMYM. A few minutes later (after furiously searching Pinterest for full-time RV dwellers who also homeschooled), I questioned, “But how crazy would it actually be?” 

That my friends, was all it took.  We began looking up everything we could find on RV living, types of RVs, local campgrounds. Mr. Math aka Music Man started crunching numbers about how much we could save, and kept finding more and more savings in our budget should we downsize. My heart was captured through a few blog posts that I found about living smaller in order to live life BIGGER. How many times had my heart been saddened by the feeling that we were doing our children an injustice by giving them so much stuff? Stuff that wouldn’t fill the innermost desires of their hearts. Stuff that just took up space. Stuff that resulted in Mommy standing over children demanding that stuff be cleaned up instead of scattered across the floor, forgotten, forsaken, boring. What was all this “stuff” accomplishing? Did it draw their hearts closer to their Savior? Or instead, was it a bone of contention? Was it something to fill the inner lust for more, more, more? Why couldn’t we walk through target anymore without someone feeling like they “needed” something from the toy section? Why couldn’t I go to a store without needing to run through the clothing department and check out the cute new shoes, or that top over there, or the amazing little dress I would only wear once? Was all of this “stuff” storing up treasures in heaven, or storing up greed in our hearts? 

God opened my eyes to all of the “stuff” in our lives, and how much money we fork out to house, repair or replace our stuff. Is a 2300+ sq ft house really what we need? It is beautiful, yes. But what is the cost? Is it worth it that our kids can’t run freely? That kitchen, is it worth the long hours of clean up and upkeep after a meal, instead of joining in on after dinner festivities? What are we giving up to keep up with the Joneses? Who are the Joneses,  and why do we feel compelled to keep up with them?!

Please know that my heart in all of this is not to judge anyone for having or wanting stuff. Everyone wants this path of life differently and with different convictions. These are the ones that have been laid on our hearts for our family for this time. So it is with great excitement, and a little bit of nervousness, that we are announcing that the Taylor family will be a fulltime RV family as of September 1st. 


More to come in the adventures of downsizing more than 2300 sq ft into a fifth wheel camper… all with a crazy, crunchy homeschooling mama, two little bitties, and one music man.

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